How often do you review your Fire risk assessment?

As a company, we do notify our clients on an annual basis that a review is required, giving them the option to carry this out internally or asking us to action this. This gives them peace of mind that this important aspect of their Health and Safety won’t be missed.

A fire risk assessment is required to be reviewed regularly. This can be carried out internally by a competent person, or you can ask your external fire risk assessment company. This is to ensure that any changes within the premises are highlighted and assessed and that the policies and procedures that are in place, are working effectively.

As this recent article shows, even if you have a policy to assess annually, you do need to ensure this is implemented –

The nightclub owners had not followed their own policy of reviewing their fire risk assessment, therefore the use of candles had not been considered. As a result, there was an injury to one of their clients and a large fine for the company.

Don’t forget to check your fire risk assessment, just in case your premises has a ‘candle’ issue!


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