450 Trustpilot reviews!

trustpilot reviews

Why do we use reviews

Every client we carry out a fire risk assessment for, we invite to leave a Trustpilot review, about their overall experience. This is with the aim to give potential new clients details about our company, how we perform, what their fellow peers thought and what they can expect.

We also use it as a quality checking tool. It ensures that we perform to the best that we can. Any feedback is welcome as it can be used to help us improve, it can also show us what we do well and areas that we can develop, to improve our company in the future. The best feedback is from actual clients that have used the service. They are honest and any feedback is relevant to the service we offer.

Is 450 reviews good?

We are a company which provides a service and as such, we aren’t selling 1000’s of products online daily, so we don’t have many opportunities to invite a review. When you look at other service providers, unless they are large corporations, it is very unlikely that you will find many that have large numbers of reviews, if they even have a review system in place at all. So yes, we are proud of our stars and the number of reviews we’ve reached. We’re also extremely grateful to the clients who have taken the time out to write a review.

Decision time

If you’re unsure of which company to use, reviews can help give you the confidence to make a choice, especially if the reviews are regular. We are all happy using recommendations from friends/family, but what if they don’t need a fire risk assessment or have never used a fire risk assessment company, where do you go then? Having an insight into the experiences of others can help.



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