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Fire Risk Assessments in Kent

A fire risk assessment is a legally required inspection of a building or premises, conducted

Hot Work Processes

What is Hot Works? Hot Work is an activity that involves the application or generation

Fire Evacuation or Stay Put? Know the Difference

Evacuation or Stay Put? – Why it’s important to know the difference What you do

Why do we ask about oxygen?

We check every report that our assessors write for two reasons: To ensure that it

Fire Safety for Students

Fire Safety for Students Student Fire Safety Week finished last week, but awareness of potential

Fire Safety Act is here!

Who is affected by the new Fire Safety Act? If you are the “Responsible Person”

What Are the 5 Steps for a Fire Risk Assessment?

Fire risk assessments are a legal obligation for certain commercial properties in the UK. Failure

Who carries out a Fire risk assessment?

Can I carry out a Fire risk assessment myself? In order to carry out a

450 Trustpilot reviews!

Why do we use reviews Every client we carry out a fire risk assessment for,

Why do you need a Fire Risk assessment and what is it?

Let’s start with the what and why   By law, every Multi occupied building, all