Fire Risk Assessments in Reading

A photo of a building on fire with smoke, fire risk assessments

In the UK, the law mandates Fire Risk Assessments by those in possession or management of a property or business. A qualified and experienced assessor conducts the assessment by assessing plausible hazards and risks, ultimately reducing potential harm from fire to protect the health and safety of the public.

If you are a property owner, property manager, or business owner and are wanting to know more about the procedure of Fire Risk Assessments in Reading, this article will discuss everything you need to know.

Fire Risk Assessments for businesses in Reading

You are legally required to arrange for a qualified fire risk assessor to conduct a Fire Risk Assessment if you are a manager, landlord, property manager or employer and fall into the following categories:

●       Houses of multiple occupancy (HMO) or block of flats

●       Commercial property

●       Shops

●       Offices

●       Supported living or residential care homes

Fire Risk Assessments must be arranged to be reviewed regularly by a responsible person. This is to ensure if any changes have been made, such as a furniture rearrangement, that it doesn’t impose a fire safety risk.

It is a safety law to carry out a fire safety risk assessment regularly to ensure spaces are safe for the public to use. This includes ensuring proper escape routes are in place, including action plans and safe electricals.

Fire risk assessment cost in Reading

Our prices start from:

  • £285 for small residential communal areas and buildings up to 2,000sqft.
  • £345 for buildings between 2,000-5,000sqft.
  • £399 for buildings up to 10,000sqft.
  • Buildings over 10,000 require an individual quote.

Which areas of Reading does Fire Risk Assessments cover?

Fire Risk Assessments covers all areas of Reading, including but not limited to:

  • Caversham
  • Tilehurst
  • Earley
  • Whitley
  • Woodley
  • Newtown
  • West Reading
  • Lower Earley
  • Southcote
  • Shinfield

Our team of professionals can help you assess the risk and provide practical solutions to protect your property. Don’t leave your safety to chance – If you are in Reading and require a property or business fire risk assessment to ensure the fire protection of your building, get a FREE quote today.