About our team


We’re a small team here in the office at FireRiskAssessments.com.  We’re not a big, corporate firm; we’re real people.  From making an initial enquiry to receiving a report and beyond, we offer a personal approach.  We can’t help it – it’s just the way we are!  We are also willing to help work through the report and liaise with the assessor to put you on the right foot.

Great Relationships

We have such a good relationship with our assessors, who are sub-contractors, you would have thought we worked together full time.  Our assessors do have to undergo a selection process and have the required qualifications to join our team, but personality also has to play its part to enable us to work together for a good end result.  Building good relationships with assessors and customers, making customer service relatable and sweet-talking an assessor into taking ‘another job seeing as you’re sort of in the area’ is one thing, but our aim is the same – safety to life.  Our assessors, many of whom are active or ex-firefighters, wouldn’t be doing what they do and undergo the necessary training and qualifications if it wasn’t for the passion they have for this.  Equally, at FireRiskAssessments.com, our hearts wouldn’t be in it as much as they are if it wasn’t for the same purpose.

Meet your legal requirements

To a lot of enquiry makers, having a fire risk assessment is just a legal requirement that costs money. But if you think of the bigger picture, it is a legal requirement for a reason.  Not just to save the lives of your residents, service users, customers and employees, but also unassuming members of the public and our hero firefighters who risk their lives every day, should a fire risk assessment not be carried out and adhered to?