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At, we offer comprehensive training programmes across the UK to equip your fire wardens with the knowledge and skills they need to manage fire risks effectively.

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Why is fire warden training crucial for businesses?

Fire safety is not just a legal requirement; it’s a crucial for protecting your employees, customers, and premises.

Our fire warden training courses are designed to meet UK fire safety regulations, empowering your staff to take proactive steps in fire prevention and emergency response.

What our fire warden training covers

Our courses offer a deep dive into key fire safety principles.

Participants will learn about:

  • Fire detection and prevention
  • Emergency evacuation procedures
  • Using firefighting equipment
  • The roles and responsibilities of a fire warden.

Course content

Our training courses include an interactive assessment, to ensure all attendees understand the material.

All attendees who achieve a pass rate of 70% or more receive a certificate of competence in the fire warden training.

During the 3-hour (or 4 if onsite) session, the training will cover the following subjects:

  • How and when to raise the alarm
  • How and when to tackle a fire
  • Correct methods of evacuating premises during a fire incident
  • The role of the nominated fire warden in emergency and non-emergency fire incidents
  • How and why we zone buildings for emergency evacuations
  • Features of fire doors and protected escape routes
  • Proper use of portable hand-held fire extinguishers
  • How to prepare a fire extinguisher for use.

Delegates will receive course notes in advance and a certificate upon completion (if the pass rate has been achieved).

Interactive and practical training sessions

We believe in a hands-on approach to learning. Our training includes interactive workshops and practical exercises to ensure that your fire wardens can apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Online webinars

We conduct fire warden training online via Zoom and recommend online training for individuals or small groups of people.

Benefits of online training:

  • Convenient
  • No travel required
  • Accessible
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to book & pay

The cost of online training is £55+VAT per attendee and can be booked via Eventbrite.

Onsite training

We offer onsite classroom-based training tailored to your business – recommended for groups of up to 12 people.

Benefits of onsite training:

  • Bespoke training centred on your business
  • Includes a review of your emergency plan and fire safety policy
  • Fire extinguisher training

A practice evacuation drill (if appropriate).

Onsite training is for a maximum of 12 people. Additional sessions can be arranged if more places are required; please contact to discuss our options.

Tailored fire warden training for your business

Every workplace is unique.

That’s why we customise our fire warden training to suit the specific needs of your premises; whether it’s an office building, a retail store, or an industrial site.

Find out more about the sectors we work with!

The benefits of onsite training

During onsite training, a trainer will review your emergency plan and fire safety policy (and how it’s communicated to your employees) to enhance the management of fire safety procedures and policies.

This helps to ensure a speedy and efficient safe evacuation of your area in an emergency.

  • Fire exit points
  • Fire doors
  • Firefighting equipment
  • Emergency routes, corridors, and assembly points.

If you have individuals working in remote areas or with physical conditions/additional needs on the premises, this can be covered within the course.

Onsite training vs training centres

There are huge benefits to conducting fire warden training in-house with

  • Existing fire wardens can access refresher training easily
  • Onsite training sessions take only 3-4 hours to complete
  • No travel costs
  • More cost-effective.

Certified and experienced trainers

Our trainers are certified professionals with extensive experience in fire safety. They bring real-life insights and expertise to fire warden training, making it both informative and engaging.

With over 20 years of experience, our trainer’s qualifications include NEBOSH General and Fire Safety certificates, practical fire investigation, BAFE Fire Extinguisher training, and a City & Guilds in delivering learning.

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