Be safe this Christmas

Don’t forget to train your Christmas staff

It’s important to remember in the festive season that you will have an influx of new employees to help you through the busy period. When training in all the usual working practices, you also need to consider Fire safety. How they can help prevent a fire, as well as what to do if one occurs.

Are your baubles safe?!

Another fire safety consideration is all those festive decorations. Do they pose a fire risk? Are they carefully placed so as not to start a fire or block the fire escape routes. If a fire starts will they help to spread fire quicker? The fire risk can be heightened with these additions. Just make sure they don’t create a fire rather than decorate your work place.

Enjoy this Christmas time

Don’t want to be a wet blanket and dampen the festive spirit.

It is worth taking time out just to consider the Fire safety and prevent your work place going up in flames.