Fire Risk Assessments for 29 Breweries

Tranter Fire & Security systems provide professional fire and security solutions primarily across the East Midlands.

In order to enable their clients to understand what they require, to fulfil their fire safety obligations, Tranter engages our services to provide an independent and comprehensive fire safety audit, with an action plan. Tranter will then assist their clients to work through the actions raised, by providing the necessary installation, service and maintenance required, to ensure compliance with their fire safety obligations.

Client Profile

The premises being assessed were all trading public houses, providing food and drink to the public.

Many of the properties also provided residential accommodation for the Publican or employees.

The Brewery owned the properties and had some responsibility for the fire safety in the premises, with the publican/manager having the responsibility for the day-to-day fire safety arrangements.

Challenges and Objectives

A fire risk assessment looks at all aspects of fire safety in a premises, which includes the fire safety equipment alongside the fire safety management.

For these particular assessments, due to the dual responsibility for fire safety between the Brewery and their tenants/managers, having all the actions highlighted within one report wouldn’t clearly identify which areas, each party would be responsible for implementing.

Assessment Process

Having identified that the Brewery would require a more bespoke report, it was first important to pinpoint which areas the Brewery would be responsible for and which elements would need to be addressed by the Publican/tenant/manager.

Once this had been established, we could then liaise with our report developers, to find a possible solution.

Solutions and Implementations

A bespoke report was required to separate the issues raised between the property maintenance and the operational side, enabling Tranters client to easily identify and implement the fire safety solution relevant to them, whilst the operational issues would also be identified for those responsible for the everyday management of the fire safety.

Each question within the report was flagged as either an operational action or a property action. Once the assessor had completed his fire safety audit and submitted the report, which was then checked and validated, we were able to produce separate action plans for the two Responsible parties.

Results and Impact

By having all the actions clearly identified for the relevant individuals, would ensure each party had an action plan that was bespoke for them. It enabled them to quickly implement the required actions, without being distracted by issues not under their remit, which may have been delayed or ignored.

Ultimately all actions would be addressed, ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations, by those persons who had the skills and the opportunities to be able to implement the solutions effectively. Once the action plan had been completed it would mean that the risk of fire occurring would be reduced, ultimately improving the safety of all occupants and the fire safety standards of all 29 premises.

Conclusion & Next Steps

We recognise that not all premises are the same and each client may have different needs, depending on their level of responsibility within the premise.

We have a created a report that can be adapted to meet those needs. Our assessors will also, where possible, provide alternative solutions if a standard action isn’t practical or possible.

If you are not sure that a standard fire risk assessment will meet your needs, please contact us to discuss, as we may be able to meet your requirements.

We’ve been carrying out fire risk assessments for over 12 years and have a wealth of experience in a variety of different premises types, so we will understand your requirements.

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