Fire Risk Assessments for HMOs

Fire exist sign in a corridor.

Are you a landlord or property manager with a HMO?

You are required by UK law to have a Fire Risk Assessment of the property. This ensures the public are safe from fire risks.

If you manage or own a HMO, this blogpost is here to give you everything you need to know about Fire Risk Assessments for HMOs.

Who is responsible for fire risk assessments of HMOs?

The individual responsible for arranging a fire risk assessment can vary between HMOs, however, it could be a property/building owner, manager or landlord. The responsibility does not lie on the tenants.

A competent person or a qualified fire risk assessor can conduct the assessment, however, this depends on the complexity and size of the building/premises.

How often does a fire risk assessment need to be carried out in HMOs?

The law suggests regularly reviewing a fire risk assessment. It is recommended that a review is conducted annually to ensure fire hazards still meet the legal requirements.

Some other changes that require a review include:

  • The occurrence of a fire
  • Property extension
  • Missing, damaged or replaced fire safety equipment

Buildings OVER 3 stories must have a full re-examination every THREE years.

Buildings UNDER 3 stories must have a full re-examination every FOUR years.

What penalties do you face for not following fire risk laws and regulations?

Failure to comply with the law could lead to legal consequences such as a fine, prison sentence, or a legal ban from managing or letting properties, as per the Housing Act (2004) and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (2005).

Are tenants also responsible for fire safety?

Tenants are responsible for being careful about fire safety, and should act immediately when reporting a potential fire risk to reduce the risk of a fire. This includes avoiding smoking indoors and not overloading electrical.

Property managers or landlords are responsible for ensuring tenants are aware of the fire plans and escape routes.

Tenants are NOT responsible for arranging for fire risk assessments or rectifying any fire safety issues.

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