Fire Safety at Christmas

30 November 2021

Stay safe this Christmas

It’s that time of the year when many of us are putting up our Christmas decorations (if you haven’t already!), but how much do you consider fire safety at Christmas when you’re getting festive at home or in the office?

Follow these helpful tips to ensure that your home or workplace are kept safe from fire:

  • When choosing your tree location, make sure it’s at least 3 feet away from any heat sources, such as fireplaces, radiators, candles, electric heaters, heat vents or lights
  • Don’t attach decorations to lights or near heat sources such as above lit fireplaces
  • Make sure the tree isn’t blocking any exits
  • Always buy lights that meet British Safety Standards. If you’re reusing them from the previous year, check them for signs of damage to the cord or bulbs
  • Never use lit candles as decorations for a tree
  • Always turn off lights before leaving the house/office or going to bed
  • If you have a ‘real’ tree, make sure you dispose of it when the tree becomes dry.  A dry tree is a fire hazard! Most household recycling centres have facilities available for the disposal of Christmas trees.  Or you can contact the local council to arrange collection.
  • Use a socket overload calculator to ensure you don’t overload any electric extension leads.
  • Only buy electrical items from reputable retailers
  • Test your smoke and/or heat alarms to make sure they are still working and replace them or their batteries where needed.

Outdoor decorationsChristmas decorations outside a house

Fire safety isn’t just limited to your decorations inside the home or office. Outdoor lights and decorations should also be included.

  • Decorate with caution near power lines.  All equipment and people should be 10 feet away from power lines
  • Ensure decorations aren’t blocking exits and that cables aren’t trailing where someone might trip or get tangled when exiting in an emergency have fire safety advice for Christmas celebrations

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