6 Benefits Of Having A Fire Risk Assessment


Fire Risk Assessments are not the most exciting of purchases and, as a preventative measure, do not provide a company with an immediate visible boost from buying – meaning they can fall low in a businesses’ priority list.

However, the assessments are vital, and a necessary part of any company’s infrastructure. Purchasing one brings with it many more subtle benefits that may not always be apparent. Read on to find out the advantages of having an accredited Fire Risk Assessment.

#1 Legal Compliance

It is a legal requirement in the UK for a Fire Risk Assessment to be conducted on almost all premises where people could be working. This can be carried out by a defined ‘responsible person’ – but if done incorrectly you can run afoul of the law. Appointing an accredited assessor removes this risk and ensures the assessment is carried out accurately, without future legal repercussions on yourself.

#2 Prevent Risk

No business wants a fire – and an accredited assessor is in a much stronger position to stop that from happening. Assessors are experts in their field, and can spot hazards that others might miss, as well as giving you a clear roadmap of changes to ensure your safety protocol is robust.

#3 Confidence with Insurance Companies

The aftermath of a fire is a particularly stressful time for businesses; made worse is the stress of recouping losses through insurance companies. Having an accredited Fire Risk Assessment is a huge part of demonstrating compliance – without it, you may struggle with your claim.

#4 Return-On-Investment

A fire can cause substantial damage to a business in term of costs – loss of premises, equipment, stock and revenue whilst your services are down – and even with insurance claims this can have a devastating effect (this is without taking into account any disputed claims your insurer may act on). The cost of preventing this event in the first place is minute in comparison, making a Fire Risk Assessment one of the biggest returns-on-investment your business can have.

who provides the training#5 Educate Staff

A written assessment can act as a roadmap for your staff, giving clear guidance on fire regulations and policies. It can also inform the basis of your office rules, with clear instructions on how employees can keep themselves and the environment safe. Not only will this increase staff knowledge and make everyone more aware, but it will also give the team peace of mind.

#6 Save Money on Safety

Accredited risk assessors are experts in advising business on the most cost-effective solutions to make their building compliant to safety regulations. What might seem to you like a huge overhaul is needed, may actually be achievable with just a few tweaks and minimum spend – and the assessor will be able to outline this for you in a cost-saving way that may not have occurred to your team.

What’s Next?

There are many additional benefits to purchasing a Fire Risk Assessment through an accredited body, and our team are happy to discuss these with you. To talk about your requirements, get in touch with us today.