1. Make acquaintance

  • Website enquiry form sent in or client calls or emails directly.
  • Learn about client and their role / responsibilities
  • Get a basic understanding about the type of premises (eg size, use etc)
  • For residential premises – establish what type of assessment is needed; Type 1 or Type 3
  • Quote issued for a non-invasive assessment

2. Information gathering

  • Quote accepted by client
  • Establish when required
  • Who is the main contact
  • How urgent the assessment is. Our report turnaround is 7-10 working days (from the date of payment). We do offer a fast-track service for an additional fee. This should be agreed at the point of booking.
  • Booking confirmation issued with details of assessor and service booked
  • Pre-visit questionnaire sent to client which creates a checklist of documents required on the assessment day and provides important information to the assessor in advance of the assessment

3. Service – assessment

  • Assessor meets client on site, goes through fire safety paperwork
  • Assessor conducts visual inspection of all the clients areas of responsibility, taking notes and photos
  • For communal areas of flats, please ensure access is available to at least a sample of flat front doors. For other types of premises with more than 15 fire doors, the assessor may only be able to sample some of these doors. They will ensure the sample includes high risk areas and any doors leading onto the means of escape.
  • Client can ask any questions
  • Invoice issued


4. Compliance

  • Report written and submitted by assessor
  • Report is quality checked & validated
  • Payment received & report issued to Responsible Person (RP) with BAFE SP205 compliance certificate, Logbook and if required template of emergency plan / fire safety policy. Allow 7 – 10 working days (or less if our fast-track service has been agreed at the point of booking) from date of payment for the report to be sent.
  • On receiving the report RP must check through the report to ensure it is accurate
  • RP works through the actions raised in the report. The action summary is to be used as a guide, the full recommendations are in the main sections of the report.
  • RP contacts customer service if there are any queries / requires clarity

5. Renewals / Review

  • Following year – Annual reminder sent out
  • RP decision internal review OR new FRA to book in